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SoHo Broadway District: Contact us about custom banner campaigns this week!

The SoHo Broadway Initiative is planning for our next streetlight banner campaign period, which will run from July 2024 through January 2025. Please contact us before May 3 for your chance to reserve a custom campaign of sponsored banners (minimum of 6 banners). We have a number of locations which are still available. SHVO, Blue Man Group, and Uniqlo and have recently sponsored custom banner campaigns to support our efforts in keeping the neighborhood clean and safe, and we would love to have your company join this list of partners!

If any locations remain after sponsored all campaigns are reserved for this period, we may have a limited number of individual “We Are SoHo Broadway” banners which can be sponsored on an a la carte basis to show you company’s support of the Initiative’s programs and services.

To learn more, please contact Brandon Zwagerman at bzwagerman@sohobroadway.org as soon as possible while opportunities are still available!

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